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A revolution in app based micro learning

The 30 day challenge

instinctive self-defence

A completely new concept in self-defence training using the latest advancement in muscle memory training and micro lesson delivery. Now everyone can embed an effective and instinctive response to danger and violence in just 30-days.

This course is for anyone (12+) who has experienced or worries about bullying, domestic violence, stalking, threatening behaviour or lives in a dangerous neighbourhood, plans to travel and wants a fast-track and effective response to danger and violence.

Maybe, you don’t have the time or desire to learn a martial art, which isn’t always practical for modern day attacks and can take many years to learn, often overloading our muscle memory (limiting instinctive reaction) with hundreds of ineffective techniques just to earn your next grade.

Each day you complete a short micro lesson (7-12 minutes) that focuses on a self-defence skill. At the end of each module (every 5 days) you complete a review module including a visualisation exercise designed to supercharge your skill level and embed it faster to muscle memory.

Self-defence has to be instinctive for it to be effective. Our 3-minute micro read will introduce you to many topics, like muscle memory, SD and the law, tonic immobilisation and much more, so you gain a mental, as well as physical edge over your attacker.

Minimal investment of time and money

30 day challenge includes:

self defence App dojo

6 modules that cover the most common attacks and teach you how to react instinctively


5 micro lesson per module – designed to embed self-defence skills, enhance situational awareness and develop tactical communication skills


Learn our Simplified and Adaptable Combat System (SACS) that teaches you the 3 principles of power so you can defend against a larger attacker


End of module review includes a ‘sequence drill’ and a powerful visualisation tool to accelerate your skill level and help overcome tonic immobilisation (freezing during the moment of attack)


In-App tracking and notifications to help you reach your 30-day goal of feeling confident and capable in the face of danger and violence


Use our smart training process that breaks down the components of each technique helping you achieve a high degree of technical proficiency fast


3-minute micro read on subjects like tonic immobilization, the law and self-defence, muscle memory, fight psychology and more


Bonus module designed to help you keep these skills primed and ready for life


Student Testimonials

So far….. amazing, I really didn’t expect it to cover so much. Felt my techniques really take off after the 2nd module and can feel the power hitting the bag in the gym with my elbows. The torch fighting idea is brilliant and now keep a torch in my handbag just in case. Can’t wait to complete all the modules and move onto next course as feel so much more confident walking home at night.


Ilford, London, UK

This course make me feel stronger for my trip to Europe. Before I worry about being attack but now my self defence skills is much better. I like communication phrases they will stop trouble from starting


Tokyo, Japan

Very smart course. Did Jujitsu when I was young but don’t have the time for that now. I feel pretty handy after just a few lessons. Really pleased with it and so easy from App.


Brighton, UK

Self defence micro mastery in 30 days. Don’t delay, download the App today!
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Innovative self-defence courses to suit all

Our courses use a Simplified and Adaptable Combat System (SACS) and the latest technology in muscle memory development to ensure self-defence is effective and instinctive